Matt Apperson

To me, software development is not just a skill set, but an art form.
So when I create software, I put my heart and soul into each line of code, because to me, it's never "just another app".

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Checkout my GitHub See what I am up to, what I have created, and what I think is cool!

Mobile Dev Team

Need someone to manage the ongoing mobile development efforts for your company? I have a team of sub-contracting developers, & QA testers to not just write your app(s), but to continue developing and building your mobile stratagy!

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Freelance work

Looking to build an app? You have come to the right place! I am currently avaliable to take on new projects. Contact me today and we can start working to turn your idea or dream into a reality today!

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Titanium Mobile

Want an app written in Titanium Mobile? You can't find many developers better then me! I am a former Appc engineer with the experience and knowledge to build outstanding apps using the best practaces and code structures for the Ti SDK!

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Skill Set Highlights

  • Objective-C
  • UX Design
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • Titanium Mobile
  • MongoDB

Apps I have built

Due to NDA agreements I can't show you all the apps I have built, but here is a small sample

TiBall - A very simple pinball game for iOS
iWoot - A app I built in under 24 hours
Codestrong - An app built for Codestrong 2011