Matt Apperson

A software industry veteran with 18 years of experience, including six years leading remote teams.
I have founded/co-founded three tech startups, and helped many others succeed!

Curious about my expearence?
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My recent open source work

I have a long history of open source work on GitHub, but these are my more recent projects / work that I am proud of.

  • Slapshot

    I created Slapshot as a set of Jest utility functions that make it easy to write tests that can be easely run as unit OR integration tests. It does this by auto-mocking JS modules and recording the values of object and methods with snapshot based playback!

  • Kibana

    Over the past few years, I contributed a significantly to the Kibana project. During my tenure at Elastic I became one of the top contributors to the project. Along with many features and bug fixes, I also added new test suites, and many tooling improvements.

Matt has terrific communication skills and an open, easy-going approach which makes collaboration easy. When we worked together, he helped out my team tremendously...

CJ Cenizal
Elasticsearch UI Area Lead, Elastic

We worked with Matt on a local startup in the on-demand delivery arena. His work provided us with a very interesting pivot that has evolved the service. We have now expanded what was a fairly simple business model into a multi-channel revenue approach with three distinct areas for opportunity.

Tom Moore
Managing Partner, Altabos

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