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About Me

I am highly user focused, and enjoy owning and taking responsability for the products I work on. I am also a major proponent of TDD and DDD based development workflows. On the personal side, I spend most of my free time volunteering and/or traveling with my wife of 11 years and my 7yo son.

Contact Details

Matt Apperson

Lancaster PA,

+1 (717) 406 7003

Work Experience


Sr Software Engineer / Area Lead (Remote) Oct 2017 - Jan 2020

  • Helped grow and lead an engineering team of 6 to create a new product using React and Typescript, backed by ElasticSearch that would deploy and manage the rest of the Elastic product stack on-prem at the scale of 100k+ host deployments. Supporting Docker, K8, VM, and bare metal deployments.
  • Introduced new testing tools like WallabyJS and Cypress.io, as well as enabling programatic functional test suites to increase productivity and stability across multiple teams.
  • Redesigned the teams hiring process for JS developers to lower candidate stress, increase candidate diversity, and improve the teams ability to accurately evaluate candidate qualifications. The new process was so effective it was rolled out to several other teams with great success.

Apperson Labs LLC

Owner / Founder (Remote) Feb 2013 - Oct 2017

  • Grew the company to a team of 7 with almost $1mm in annual revenue.
  • Partnered with clients to build out 27 products over the 4 years the company existed including IOT
  • OpenCV, and Tenserflow based applications. Most built using React, ReactNative, and NodeJS

Hatchback LLC

CTO / VP Product Development (Remote) May 2014 - Apr 2016 (while also running Apperson Labs)

  • Worked with the other founders of Hatchback to help guide the projects direction, write spec, refine product designs, and build out the React based UI.
  • Collaborated with the team to scale the platform’s NodeJS based API to support an average of 1.2 million requests per second, while keeping costs extremely low.
  • Grew and managed a team of 5 data scientists, and full-stack engineers.

Avistar Communications

Sr. Software Engineer (Remote) Jan 2012 - Feb 2013

  • Sole engineer of the SIP based iOS app, responsible for the platform’s end-to-end implementation.
  • Implemented a custom h.264 codec in c++ and Obj-C.


Software Engineer / Developer Relations (Remote) May 2011 - Jan 2012

  • Created training material / examples, community evangelism, professional services, pre-sales support, and maintenance of several Objective-C and JS based open source libraries.
  • Developed a number of Objective-C based modules for the platform including a box2d module to facilitate more advanced games to be developed.

Dev Skills

I mean, would it be a personal website for an engineer without some progress bars showing what I know? In any case, here are just a few of the technical skills I have :)

  • ReactJs
  • NodeJS
  • Elasticsearch
  • Git
  • Sketch App
  • JS
  • Typescript
  • CSS
  • MongoDB


  • Matt has terrific communication skills and an open, easy-going approach which makes collaboration easy. When we worked together, he helped out my team tremendously...

    CJ Cenizal
  • Matt is an inspiring leader that brings programmers and non-programmers together to collaborate and create beautifully designed products that meet business need while creating a unique UI experience.

    Andrew Moseman